Never Summer Raptor Snowboard Review

This is my chairlift review of the Never Summer 2013/4 Raptor snowboard:

What I like:


+ Easy to find the edge
+ Quick edge change
+ Pop - just right. It helps you out of the turn, great for the little jump between the carves.  
+ Flex - the board is easy to flex and it's easy to change the radius of the turn while riding 
+ turn radius - easy to control, perfect for shorter blue and red runs as well as crowded slopes
+ Feels really light on the feet
+ Makes good trenches in the snow
+ It allows relaxed casual riding 

What I don't like:
- Torsional stiffness - Raptor does not hold the perfect edge on the steep black runs.
- To narrow - I've booted out in few turns, specially on the steeps. When I have the opportunity, I'll try the Raptor X model.

Great, if you want to take a single board on a family skiing trip. It is truly one of most versatile boards around. 

For soft-boot carving on groomed slopes -  Raptor is OK, but there are many better boards.


- Flux SF45 Bndings

- Angles 33/18

- Stance 52cm

- Boots Vans Aura

- Weight 75kg

Here are a few pics:



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